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Trusted Solutions

Healthcare professionals recognize PeerDirect solutions as credible scientific publications with brand equity.
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Turnkey Implementation

Our in-house teams, proficient in over 60 different regulatory systems, have skillfully transformed approved content into more than 1,500 intelligent, multichannel learning experiences.
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Clinical Expertise

Our connections with over 5,000 thought leaders across all therapeutic categories enable us to provide the highest quality clinical solutions and communication support.
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Expansive Network

Our global network encompasses 5.1M+ verified HCPs (2.6M+ US-based) and 300+ publications, covering 58 specialties, with 1.7M+ newsletters sent daily.
Expansive Network

Wide-Ranging Experiences

Our KOL-led solutions are designed to fit your brand’s strategies – video, interactive slides, peer-presented Q&As, short-form content, and communication support tools.
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Does your brand have a message that your target professionals have never encountered or could better understand?

Partner with the experts at PeerDirect to effectively communicate those messages to your most valuable healthcare professionals.

About Us

PeerDirect is a member of P\S\L Group, with over 40 years’ experience delivering information to physicians through trusted, widely-used media channels. We effectively reach healthcare professionals with decision-driving science, presented by medical experts on our credible publishing platforms.

We always employ a “right-channel” media mix based on up-to-the-minute insights on how, when, and where physicians are consuming medical information. As the data evolves with the technology, and viewer preferences inevitably change, we tailor our direct-to-professional recruitment strategies in ways that continually benefit brands, healthcare professionals, and ultimately, patients.

By taking advantage of the knowledge we’ve gained through decades of experience, your content will be readily accessible on our expansive network by 100% of your target audience. We reliably engage your most valued healthcare professionals and then demonstrate the results through transparent reporting.

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