HCPs Recognize PV Updates

70% of physicians recognize our third-party publication brands. This is what makes PeerDirect unique: our flagship product is already recognized as a credible, trusted publication.

Experienced Account Teams

When you partner with PeerDirect, you receive unparalleled client service from account teams with years of industry experience. Our expert team members, which include Medical Directors (on-staff physicians), develop and launch your programs effectively, cost-efficiently, and expeditiously.

Over 1,000 Programs Launched

Our experience speaks for itself.  With over 1,000 thought-leader presented programs launched since 2004, we have meaningful relationships with medical experts across every therapeutic category.

Constantly Growing Network of Millions of HCPs

When you partner with PeerDirect, your targets are invited to participate in peer-to-peer programs through our multi-channel approach. By tapping into our established network of healthcare professionals (3.5M+ healthcare professionals globally, 1M+ US) and properties (hundreds of digital platforms and brands), you can leverage our relationships for your brand.

Over 10,000 Approved Marketing Pieces

In today’s regulatory environment, you need a partner who can champion your message through the system, while making sure it is compliant with all regulations.  Our experienced team of experts can be your greatest asset when you need to get your message to market.

Over 5M Target Engagements Delivered

PeerDirect is a leader in engaging target physicians and HCPs with brand teams' decision-driving science. With over 5M program engagements to date, you can be sure that your key targets are already participating in the most trusted third-party on-demand programs in the industry.

Do you have clinical messages that your target professionals have never encountered or could better understand?

Partner with the experts at PeerDirect to effectively communicate those messages to your most valuable healthcare professionals. We drive engagement through our multi-channel, multimedia approach to reaching your targets in our established community.

About Us

PeerDirect is a member of P\S\L Group, which has a history of more than 40 years in delivering information to physicians through trusted, widely-used media channels. We effectively and efficiently reach healthcare professionals with credible, decision-driving science, presented by medical experts, utilizing our flagship brands and publishing platforms.

We always employ a "right-channel" media mix based on the latest trends in how, when, and where physicians are consuming medical information. As the data evolves with technology advancements, and viewer preferences inevitably change, we tailor our direct-to-professional recruitment strategies, continually benefiting brands, healthcare professionals, and ultimately, patients.

Through our gained experience and vast network, your promotional medical content can be accessible by 100% of your target audience, across the entire spectrum of devices and channels. We promise to engage your professionals and demonstrate the outcomes through transparent reporting.

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